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Month: August 2017

Well, We’re Back!!!

Well, We’re Back!!!

Vol 29 No 19

August 4 – August 10, 2017

Well, We’re Back!!!

By Tyree Johnson, Editor
Westside Weekly Newspaper

So far, it’s been a rough year for the Westside Weekly. On February 17, we celebrated our 28th year of publishing this neighborhood newspaper.  The next day, the newspaper’s co-founder Barbara A. Johnson, the editor’s wife, died.  She died without seeing this notable edition. Following her death, the newspaper experienced a deep drop off advertisements that is needed to produce this product.  Then we took off seven – yes, 7 – weeks to allow the cash flow to catch up with bills.  It was also a time for this neighborhood editor to try to clear his mind; I’ve learned it’s not easy to adjust to life you shared with a woman for some 50 years. Based on the number of phone calls, many in the neighborhood missed the Westside Weekly.  I appreciate your calls, your prayers and your words of condolences. Well, were back.  This is a fresh start for this newspaper and me.  And, now, I am swolling my pride and asking my readers to help the Westside Weekly and me for the second time in its 28 years.  I am asking for donations to help ease a financial burden that many newspapers have experienced during this time of change and tight resources. Your neighbors were very generous in helping kick start this newspaper with mostly $5 donations during the early years in the 1990’s.  If you can find it in your hear to help this “for profit” mom/pop company”


As neighbors, this community and this newspaper have always tried to be there for you when family tragedies strike and we’re celebrated your achievements.

I want to continue that tradition for a little while long as your friendly neighborhood editor.

Contributions can be sent to:

Westside Weekly
P.O. Box 19437
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Barbara and Tyree Johnson thank you.