Yes I Voted For Donald J. Trump

Yes I Voted For Donald J. Trump

Yes I Voted For Donald J. Trump.
(Published in November 11-17, 2016)

By Napoleon F. Kingcade Westside Reporter.

Last week when I saw the photo of democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine on the front page of the Westside Weekly, I knew I was in a world of trouble with my own weekly paper. I knew in my soul there was no way I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite the ugly feedback I expected to get, I couldn’t find it in my heart to change my mind. I prepared myself for the worse. I knew the reaction that I was going to get. I knew I was going to lose a number of my friends. I knew I was going to hear a lot of ugly words coming from the mouths of a lot of people. I knew I would have to deal with the consequences and deal with people’s reactions the best way I could. Well, folks…. I never change my mind. On Election Day, I entered a voting booth and pushed button 201 for Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Yes, I did, folks. I did the unspeakable. Even though I’m a registered democrat, I voted for Donald Trump because of his successful business history, his desire to protect this country and make our people feel safe again. I loved his plan to build a wall and keep all bad immigrants from entering our country. I loved his plan to cut down taxes and bring more jobs to the poor and middle class people. I loved his plan to develop better schools and make our neighborhoods safe again. I loved his plan to destroy ISIS while he seeks to rebuild our country’s military.

Today, I don’t expect people to respect my reasons for voting for Donald Trump. But I’m deeply disappointed with some people’s comments, the same people who are angry at me for voting for Donald Trump, especially those on Facebook who have made their comments known on my Facebook page. “What the f….k, he is going to start wars all over the world. And he will destroy this country.” was one comment left on my Facebook page. In addition to some negative messages, I did have five people who deleted me totally from their Facebook page. That included a man named J.T. Childress who called me an “ignorant” person.

As an educated person who knows his politics, I know Donald Trump is not a politician, but I do respect this man because he is a rich man and a successful entrepreneur. Donald Trump owns hundreds of businesses around the world which includes the Trump Towers Apartments, Trump Towers Hotels, Trump World Towers Building in New York City and Trump Towers Condominiums in Chicago. Despite a few business failures, Donald Trump has a great track record of running businesses across the world.Many people may not respect him because of his crazy behavior and his crazy ways, but I feel he will start being a better person because of the new people he will have around him.

Mike Pence, his Vice President, will teach Donald Trump how to respect woman and how to keep good values. Pence will teach Trump how to be a great President. Donald Trump will hire new people in his cabinet who will also help him to be a respectable President. There’s no way Trump will remain the same person. He will change his image and become a better man. Everybody who voted for Donald Trump is not a racist or an ignorant person. Everybody who voted for Trump is not poor or uneducated.

Today, I’m a person who is concerned about my job, my bills, my health care benefits and my monthly rent. There are people like me who voted for Donald Trump who are just regular people who want to earn a good living in a good economy. We want a President who will fight for us and battle Congress for the things we need. One thing we all know about Donald Trump, he is not the kind of person who will allow anybody to push him around. He’s a man who will fight back and battle his opponent face-to-face at the table. Today, it’s time for us to put our Big Boy pants on and accept that Donald Trump is our President.

If you don’t like Donald Trump as our President then pack your bags and move to another country. Today, we must stop these riots and protests in our cities because it makes our country look real bad. One day after the election, thousands and thousands of people have gathered to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential victory. Where were all these people on Election Day? Today, we must stop all this nonsense and start acting like a country and work together to make America great again.

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  1. Are you still happy you voted for this man, #45, considering how his racist campaign is now leading to the bigitry, racist behaviors of those that identify as the Alt-Right and KKK?

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